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A Simulated Research Study Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

A Simulated Study - Research Paper ExampleThis data is clustered monthly, giving 60 data sets. The analysis will check over the descriptive statistics for the two sets of partake in data, determine the cor semblance and regression between the data and custom a t-test to test for significance. Finally, the paper will explain the digest of Variance (ANOVA) for the two sets of data. The first part of the paper will present an introduction to the two companies and provide an overview of the statistical techniques to be used. The paper will thusly provide an explanation for the methods used in collecting the data, after which the methodology for the paper is explained. The paper will then present the results of the analysis, followed by an analysis of to distributively one statistic in the summary outputs presented in the paper. Table of Contents Name i Abstract ii Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 methodology 3 Data Collection 3 Data Analysis 4 Results 5 Descriptive Statistics 5 Correlation 6 Regression 6 T-test 7 ANOVA 7 Discussion 8 Introduction The modest drinks industry is an industry that has the biggest competitive presence in the global industry. Currently, the industry is dominated by two main players The Coca Cola Company and Pepsi Company Limited. These two companies operate in the global market, and are known to be the biggest companies in the soft drinks market. ... The comparison of the two companies share prices will also help in determining the relationship between the share prices of the two companies, whether the change in share prices for the two companies are in any way related. In this case, a set of descriptive statistics will be used to determine whether either attach to is better than the other. This analysis will also determine the correlation between the operations of the two companies, the regression between their share prices, a t-test to test for independency and an analysis of variance (ANOVA). These tests will help in determ ining the relationship between the share prices of the two companies and the performance of each company in relation to the other. Since the two companies are competitors, it is expected that one company performs better than the other company, but that their prices be positively correlated since they operate in the same industry, so are mostly affected by the same factors. Methodology Data Collection As already stated, the company will be done utilize share prices for Coca Cola and PepsiCo for the last five years of operations. The data for this simulated research study will be collected from Yahoo Finance, where the envision collected will be monthly data from 2007 to 2012. The data will be collected from May 1, 2007 to May 1, 2012, which gives 61 data sets for each company. The use of 61 data points is done to avoid short-term effects of market interplay factors like unexpected events in the financial periods of each company. The data collected for each company is displayed in t he following table Date Coke Pepsi Date Coke Pepsi 5/1/2007 50.32 59.25 11/2/2009 45.32 57.67 6/1/2007 45.72 56.54 12/1/2009 51.71 56.75 7/2/2007 47.36

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